Interview with Driven Cure

“Jesus is the Cure. We are driven to bringing Jesus to the World.”

-Justin Webster (Driven Cure)

This week CMJukeBox got the opportunity to talk with Driven Cure lead guitarist Justin Webster. Driven Cure is based out of the Fresno Area in California and the band members attend Good News Ministries under Pastor Edward Gallegos.

Driven Cure is motivated by their shared loved for God and music and the hope of reaching people with the message of Salvation through their music and Christ being made known through them.

Here is our all exclusive look into the Heart of Driven Cure:

CMJukeBox: Who is Driven Cure and who are your members?

DrivenCure: Driven Cure is comprised of four members: Heath Middleton, Phil Cheatham, Michael Cheatham, and Justin Webster.

We come from a worship background and have years and years of worship leading experience between us. Heath and Phil were both police officers in the city of Chowchilla where we live. Last April we all resigned from our jobs to pursue music ministry full time.

CMJukeBox: How did the band begin?

Drive Cure: In 2008 Phil and Heath had the idea to start Driven Cure. They recruited Phil’s son, Michael, to play drums and began looking for a guitar player. Initially there was another guitar player but for personal reasons he had to quit and so they approached me, Justin,  about filling the position, of course, I said yes.

CMJukeBox: What kind of music does Drive Cure focus on?

Driven Cure: We have a pretty diverse and eclectic sound and that is intentional. In the basic sense of the word we are a Rock/Worship band but we try to bring a lot of different musical influences into the mix.

CMJukeBox: What is your mission as a Band?
Driven Cure:Our mission is pretty simple really. Our entire goal is to inspire people to use their own passions and gifting’s for Christ. We have come to realize that our music is not the important part of our ministry. The music is just the beginning of the bigger picture which is what comes after the music. We try to ignite that spark in peoples lives that inspire them to do what they love for the Lord.

CMJukeBox: What kind of impact do you hope to make and what age group are you geared towards?

Driven Cure: Many people aren’t sure how to take us at first. We have a broad age group within the band and that translates very accurately to our audience. Our singer is 38, our bass player is 45, and our drummer and our lead guitarist are 20.

As a result there is something in the music that every age group can grab a hold of. We don’t try to tailor our music to any specific age group we just write the music we would like to hear on the Christian platform. However, if you wanted a hard statistic our demographics have shown that we do very well from 18 all the way to 45 and we are split very evenly between male and female
CMJukeBox: Awesome, it’s great to see a band who doesn’t just focus on a single race, church denomination, or age group! Also, as a band, who are your musical Inspirations?

Driven Cure: Musically we pull inspiration from many places. All our members come from very different musical backgrounds so it creates a very interesting melting pot when we write. Our singer comes from country and contemporary worship while our bass player loves all of the 80′s hair bands. Justin and Michael come from a rock and metal background. Collectively however, we like to pull in a lot of other outside influence to spice up the music such as latin, cinematic, and pop elements.

CMJukeBox: What would you say to all the kids and teens out there that want to be in a band and do what you guys do?
DrivenCure: This is going to sound cliche, but being in a band is not as glamorous as it may appear. In fact most of what you see when you look at a band, music video, or concert is just smoke and mirrors. I am not saying that a larger than life image is necessarily a bad thing, yet, it is important to recognize that it is a long road to success and and if you are anchored in something superficial (i.e. “rockstardom”) you may find yourself washed away by the music business. That being said, I have found that the by far the most important thing is simply your relationship with Jesus Christ. Being in a band can be tough sometimes and being strong in your faith is many times the ONLY way that you will continue forward. If you are following the calling that God has put on your life, no matter what that may be, then God will provide a way. All it takes is for us to be obedient to his will and he will provide. Everything else will fall into place as long as your relationship is right.

CMjukeBox: I know that many times being in the spotlight can go and many times does go to peoples heads. Especially musicians because of the whole “rockstar” thing. How do you guys keep yourselves humble with all the touring and stage stuff?

DriveCure: Staying humble isn’t too difficult anymore. God has shown himself strong too many times for us to believe that we have had anything to do with it. In fact we have found that the longer we go in this thing the easier it is to give God the glory. When I (Justin) was just getting going I had visions of grandeur but God has altered my perspective to see what is really important and it has nothing to do with driving a Ferrari! Staying humble has to do with knowing who is really calling the shots. As long as you realize that you can do nothing outside of Christ being humble shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle.

CMJukeBox: What factor does your relationships with God play into your music?

Drive Cure: Our relationships with God have everything to do with our music! Everything from the lyrics to the guitar solos is a part of our worship. Many people are under thing misconception that you have to sing Amazing Grace to worship but for us it is much deeper than that. Every time we hit a single note our prayer is that it would praise God. I believe that the way we live our lives should be and is worship. God created me the way that I am and I believe that it is my duty to give my gifts back to him. From the ground up our music is a reflection of our relationships with God and his touch on our lives.

You can contact Driven Cure!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drivencure

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/drivencure