Variance Magazine - July 2011

Not Alone
by Aaron Perez

"Lift up your eyes / Can you see the glory? / Hear the cries / All of creation’s longing / For the rise of this kingdom that’s to come"

Aaron Perez has that unique gift of taking even the simplest of notes or melodies and making them speak straight to the listener’s heart. With his debut album, Not Alone, Aaron pairs beautiful vocals and heartfelt lyrics together and layers in musical style that reminds one of Switchfoot. 

The piano used in the intro of “Reign Forever” ensures the song as a favorite. It reminds one of songs that never fail to move the listener, like “I Can Only Imagine.” The lyrics are equally moving in a personal, convicting way. The words speak to everyone in every station of life. 

If you’re looking for a dynamic and passionate blend of alternative and contemporary praise and worship, Aaron Perez’s Not Alone is the album for you. Download it on iTunes today!

Listen to "Reign Forever" and "Not Alone"