Variance Magazine - April 2011

Astray No More
by Driven Cure
If you like: Santana or Journey

Passion. It is passion that has driven the release of Driven Cure’s album Astray No More. Within seconds listeners of this album will be overcome with the passion that permeates its musical chords. The road that led to the making of this album was not an easy one. The members of Driven Cure chose to resign from their full-time jobs as police officers in order to dedicate all their efforts to praise God through music. This decision is emblematic that the words, “Less of me, more of you. This is My Prayer,” aren’t simply words that slip off the ends of their tongues, but are anthems of discipleship.

The riffs throughout this album are catchy and motivating and they exude dedication and commitment to the Lord. The album displays the group’s incredible musical talent by allowing each member of the band to display his individual talents while fusing the talents of each member to form a collective masterpiece.

Astray No More is a must hear. The album will assuredly arouse within your fellings of motivation and passion.

Listen to "Less of Me, More of You"

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