I think the radio will change-– and the sooner the better. Because no matter what way you look at it, the most pleasurable experiences you ever have is when something’s played to you you don’t know. Like going round to a friend’s house and they’ll stick a tune on you. Or going into a store when I was a kid and the new Smiths record’s come out and I’m going up to the guy-– and he’s really cool, the indie store in town-– and just talking to him about music for 20 minutes.
Thom Yorke talks to Alec Baldwin about music discovery and so much more in his nterview on Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” radio show.

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The Great Grandfathers 3.5 Stars 



Saint Anthonsy's Fire by The Great Grandfathers
“‘Saint Anthony’s Fire is the fruitful result of hard work by a combination of several sessions in the bathroom and meticulous Studiofrickelei.” This line takes you to the blog of the band The Great Grandfathers . It is the first work of quirky musicians from St. Louis, a city that has already spawned Chuck Berry.

Perhaps this is the explanation for the strange band names minimal. Today’s song “Hysterics”, which is available for free download can be found on it. When you hear him, you begin to understand immediately how many elements consist of single songs of the album and what high art as the creation has emerged derselbigen.

The Great Grandfathers is composed of eight musicians. Somehow reminds me immediately to the live shows of the Crystal Fighters. On vocals, as nearly everyone involved, not just the bass player and drummer. At this point, make a list of the instruments used is listed below: The mandatory three-to guitar, drums and bass, and then mandolin, percussion, shakers, keyboard, synthesizer, flute.

Particularly bizarre however is the exact name of Ryan Thomas Carpenter working on the Facebook page of the band. It says: “Keys / Vocals / Party Starter”. What is a “party starter” We just do not know us but we can imagine vague.

Sounds like a band that you should definitely try live or so in the manner they should ask drugs they consume surely. Amazingly, it works “Hysterics” not overload a second. The band knows perfectly, the soundtrack to a harmonious whole assemble that inspires the repeated listening again and again.If an out of crackling pop song from soul and R & B’s chem lo-fi indie rock. Especially the Bridge to lines like "Oh it’s the Trial of Mary Dugan with sound / / Oh Charles Ross ought to come back around" succeeded perfectly and crowning moment of the soul.

Lyrically you dig so well in the past and will remain faithful to the theme song title, by referring to a criminological Meldodrama of Veiller. Who exactly is meant by Ross, we have to ask the band on occasion times ….

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Spotify came out this week with a new feature that allows you to post music and playlists on your websites and blogs with a simple code. We have put together a few of our favorite songs, and would love for you to give it a listen. Simply scroll down in the player to browse the music.

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Making Your Events More Newsworthy

As you know, getting the word out about your upcoming events is critical to having successful events. There are certain things that you, as an artist, can do to help publicize your events, such as announcing them through your social media sites or organizing a street team to hand out fliers before the events. Another way to help publicize your events is through doing interviews or stories with the media, but this form of publicity can be difficult to obtain. So how can we bolster our chances of a media outlet doing an interview or full story on your event or project?


According to MediaCollege.com, there are five factors that help media outlets determine what is newsworthy: timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest. For more information on each of these factors, please visithttp://www.mediacollege.com/journalism/news/newsworthy.html.


Timing and proximity are factors that are easily controllable – simply contact the local media before a given event! In fact, every time our PR department sends out a media alert about an event, we are hitting upon the timing and proximity factors for your event(s)!


Prominence is probably the most difficult factor to work into an event, simply because it means knowing someone famous (or already being famous yourself) and getting them (or hiring them) to be associated with the event.


Significance and human interest are the two factors that can really entice a media outlet to do an interview or story. One way to do this is to work with a charitable organization in your area. For instance, the American Cancer Society holds Relay for Life events in many communities around the nation. One of my artists is performing at their local Relay for Life event and is offering to donate part of the proceeds from their CD sales at the event to Relay for Life. Since ACS and Relay for Life are well known organizations and touch millions of lives nationwide, this artist’s event now hits on the significance and human interest factors in addition to proximity and timing. While this does not guarantee an interview or a story from a media outlet, it certainly increases their odds at media exposure!

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